About Us

Production Paramedics Inc. is an Albertan company established in 1993, owned and operated by Ian Kam and Jeff Markwart. It was the first in the province to provide on-site paramedics to the motion picture industry. It has since expanded to offer a variety of services beyond on-site emergency response including professional training courses and patient transfers. We also cater to the specific needs of both the construction and petroleum industries.

We’re in the ‘peace of mind’ business.

Working on film or television sets, industrial or construction sites, or events – under the guidance of a qualified physician – we offer high quality service by providing experienced, registered, fully-equipped paramedics with Advanced Life Support (ALS) training.

Our on-site emergency service includes top-of-the-line equipment, and a fleet of standby Mobile Treatment Center (MTC) vehicles and ambulances. This means that everyone involved knows they will receive immediate care and that they are in the safest possible environment.

Our services operate under the medical control and audit of a physician who is available for emergency consultation as required under provincial legislation.

Production Paramedics Inc. also offers these other services:

  • stand-by catering especially to the petroleum industries.
  • patient transfer service.
  • quality training for both laymen and healthcare professionals in group settings.

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